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Art Heritage of Uttaranchal

Himalaya, Uttaranchal TourismHimalaya is a Sanskrit word meaning abode of snow. It is the tallest mountain range, whose spiny ridges spread out halfway across the world's largest continent; The formidable range with at least eighty peaks above 20,000 feet, the snow covered silvery summits spread out beyond the horizon, gigantic glaciers, high plateaux, the magnificent roaring dark gorges, are an awe inspiring spectacle that transcends description.

But this great abode of snow is more than ice, snow and rock. Since antiquity it has been home of a great diversity of people, who have developed many magnificent cultures. With passage of time all these become one with the great wonderland, Hill woman bedecked with Jewellery that is India.

Uttaranchal Hills TourLike many other, the culture of Garhwal and Kumaon have their rich and definite contributions to the ocean of great Indian Culture.

The traditions folk art of the region was preserved in its original form, since Garhwal and Kumaon were inaccessible in the past, due to the high mountain ranges and rugged topography.

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