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Sikkim Travel

Sikkim,Sikkim Travels GuideSikkim The land of mighty Kanchenjunga. A holiday land with few equals anywhere. This jewel -like mountain state of ethereal beauty with an area of 7299 Sq. kilometres, nestles in the heart of the Himalayas.

Wrapped in mists and clouds. A garden state with an incredible variety of orchids, rhododendrons, gladioli and a host of other flowers. Rustling, tumbling streams and torrents. Mountain monasteries and quaint shopping plazas. This is Sikkim.

Sikkim Monastery: Devoted Lamas robed in red, chant ancient mantras to the rhythm of drums and trumpets while soft lights flicker from decorative lamps placed before statues of the great Guru Padmasambhava. More

Sikkim Gardens: Truly a naturalist's delight. The hillsides and mountain slopes of Sikkim are strewn with bright patches of myriad colours. The lower mountain slopes are abundant with lush green bamboos and ferns. More

Wildlife, Sikkim VacationsWildlife in Sikkim: Among the more commonly found animals in the alpine zone are yaks. They are domesticated and reared in North Sikkim mainly for their economic productiveness. More

Adventure Sports in Sikkim: Take the Kanchenjunga Trek (15 days) and discover nature in its grandest bounty. Savour this beautiful and unspoilt area with its tiny jewel- like lakes and exotic flora and fauna against the backdrop of the majestic Kanchenjunga. More

Fairs & Festivals in Sikkim: Sikkim's famous mask dances provide a spectacle, perhaps nowhere to be experienced in the entire world. Perfromed by lamas in the gompa coutyard to celebrate religious festivals, these dances demonstrate perfect foot work and grace. More

People of Sikkim:Sikkim has population of about three laksh, made up of Lepchas, Nepalese and Bhutias. The Lepchas are the oldest inhabitants of Sikkim. There is an old Lepcha legend that long ago, the laughter of the Lepchas wafted into the sky and it scattered and froze into shimmering stars. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Tibetans arrived bringing with them the Red Hat Lamist tradition - Nying -ma-pa, which became the dominant culture and official state religion.

Places of Interest in Sikkim: Gangtok

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