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Excursions in Khajuraho

Panna National Park:
Khajuraho National Park, Madhya Pradesh VacationsPanna National Park, 32 km away and a mere 30 minute drive from Khajuraho, spreads along the river Ken. The Jungles today harbour many species of wildlife. The tiger can be glimpsed here, with other rare species such as the leopard, wolf and gharial. Herds of bluebull, chinkara and sambar are a common sight. On the road to Panna are the spectacular Padav Falls. Alternate picnic sites are Benisagar Dam, Raneh Falls and Ranguan Lake, while interesting trips can be made to Rajgarh Palace, now being converted into a Heritage Hotel, and Dhubela Museum. Further away is Bandhavgarh National Park and tranquil chitrakoo

Raneh Falls:
Raneh Falls ( 19 km. ) on the ken river are famous fror their rock formations. The main attraction is a 5 - km - long, 100 - foot - deep canyon made of pure crystalline granite in varying sahdes of colors ranging pink and red to grey. A series of seasonal waterfalls surrounded by jungles make it an ideal picnic spot.

Ken Nature Trail:
Ken Nature Trail ( 22 km ), within a walking distance from Raneh falls, is a jungle track exhibiting natural beauty and imparts a knowledge of the surroundings.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary: (24 kms.)
It is at the confluence of the Ken and Khudar rivers further down Raneh Falls and Nature Trail. This is a natural of the long snouted variety of crocodiles.

Banisagar Lake: (11km)
It is a picnic spot and a dam on Khudar river with a waterspread of 7.7 sq. km. Suitable fo Boating & Angling.

Ranguan Lake: (25 Km)
It is an ideal picnic spot for boating and angling.

Gangau Dam: (34 km):
Khajuraho Temple, Madhya Pradesh Tours & TravelsA natural dam at the confluence of the Ken and Simri rivers, ideal for nature-lovers, anglers and the adventure minded. The dam is surrounded by the Panna National Park & Gangau Sanctuary.

Pandav Falls:
(34 kms), a picturesque waterfall in a bowl shaped valley on the ken river. The Pandavas are said to have spent a part of their exile here.

Majhganwa Diamond Mines, Panna:
(56 km), are the only diamond mines of Asia. Open from 9 am to 1 pm. Sunday Closed.

(45 km) is a historic town famous for its imposing temples and was capital of the Bundela Kingdom.

Dhubela Museum:
(65 km) is located in an old fort on the Jhansi- Khajuraho road and houses a rare collection of artefacts, depicting the heritage of Bundelkhan. Pipraghat (24 km) is a recently developed excursion spot. The nearby Ken river offers boating, swimming and angling. Due to the purity of the river fish such as mahaseer, rohu and katla are found in large numbers.

Ajaygarh Fort:
(80 km) is at a height of 688 meters above sea level and was capital of the Chandelas during their decline.

Kalinjar Fort:
(100 km) is located on the Vindhya range and is 38 km from Atarra railway Station. This fort, built during the Gupta period, was captured by the Chandela ruler Shri Yasovarmanin the mid- 10th century.

(165 km) Eight km off the Khajuraho- Jhansi highway (19 km from Jhansi), this is a medieval city flanked by the Betwa River. The 16th & 17th century palaces and temples here have withstood the ravages of time. Paintings and mirrorwork, intricate stairways and delicate trellis work in Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal and Rai Praveen Mahal are enchanting. In the fort complex MP Tourism has converted the Sheesh Mahal into a Heritage Hotel. Adding to the architectural beauty are the Ram raja, Chaturbhuj and Laxminarayan temples and cenotaphs.

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