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Karnataka Museums

Karnataka Government Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery
Established in 1865, the museum houses sculpture from the Hoysala, Nolamba and Gandhara periods. Also on view are antiquities from Mohenjodaro and terracotta from Mathura. The painting section includes miniature paintings from the Rajasthani and Pahari schools. there are also traditional paintings from the Among the miscellaneous items are ivory carvings and inlay work, sandal-wood caskets and other ohjeci-and arms and armoury.

Visvesvarya Industrial and Technological Museum
Visvesvarya Museum, Karnataka Travels One of the few museums of its kind in India, the Visvesvaraya Technological Museum has within its portals various scientific disciplines. Exhibits are placed behind glass panels, with buttons which are pressed for the experiments to begin. The Electrotechnic Gallery has various electrotechnic experiments and the history of the development of telephone technology. There is also a wall display of long distance telephone operations along with all its essential components. The Timber, Paper and Metals Gallery has a life size model of a man and woman tending a plant. There is a fascinating wall model of the map of India which is a console with various buttons. Over this are the names of twelve types of trees. Between the name of the tree and the button is a small square glass case. Press a button and the glass lights up with a picture of the specified tree. Corresponding areas where the tree exists light up on the map, indicating its areas of growth. The metal section has replicas of ancient gold coins, the oldest dating to the 4th century AD.

Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery
Built in 1861 as a formal entertainment palace for the Mysore royal family, the Jagan Mohan palace became a museum 1915 under the patronage of the maharaja. The entrance hall has a photographic depiction of royal activities in the erstwhile state. A quaint but popular exhibit is the French calendar clock where a group of soldiers play music to indicate the hour. The Mysore Royal Family Gallery has life size portraits painted by Indian and European artists attached to the court. An oil painting by Wesksler, the Wedding Durbar of late His Highness Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV (1900) is spectacular. Another interesting exhibit is a genealogical table of the Mysore kings from 1399 till today, painted in a leaf form in the Mysore style of art.

Tipu Sultan Museum
Tipu Meseum, Karnataka Holidays VacationsThe Tipu Sultan Museum lies within the portals of the Daria Daulat Palace, once his summer palace and later appropriated by Arthur Wellesley. Constmcted mainly in wood, the structure rests on a vast plinth. The walls and ceilings are elaborately painted. The murals on the outer walls depict scenes from Tipu's wars while the interior walls are ornately painted with abstract designs and floral motifs. An open verandah surrounds the central edifice and green blinds protect the murals from the elements.

Archeological Museum 1
The Adil Shahi sultans ruled the Deccan from Bijapur between 1480 and 1680. The museum consequently houses antiquities from that period. These include armoury, porcelain, coins, Miniature paintings, manuscripts and carpets. On view are stone sculpture and inscriptions in Kannada, Devanagari, Arabic and Persian.

District Museum
The Museum at Hassan, established in 1977, houses a major collection of archaeological antiquities. On view are sculpture, both stone and bronze, inscriptions and coins. Also displayed are paintings, arms and weapons.

Archeological Museums 2
Both these museums are under the Archaeological Survey of India. The Chalukya kings were prolific builders, as is evident from the structures at Aihole and Badami. Consequently both the museums house stone sculpture, panels and architectural fragments.

Archeological Museum, Hampi
Museum, Karnataka Tours & TravelsHampi, the capital of the Vijayanagara empire, is a highly impressive complex of monuments. On view at the museum are stone sculpture, architectural panels and lintels. Also displayed are gold coins, copper plates and illustrated palm leaf manuscripts.

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